A LETTER FROM OUR vp:membership

Gena Hill.png

Hey y’all! My name is Gena Hill and I am beyond excited to serve Delta Iota as the Vice President of Membership this year. As we enter another year of uncertainty, I am striving to be a source of light and love that the chapter can turn to for anything as well as a respectful and intentional representative of our chapter. We are incredibly excited to meet each of you as you come into our home, virtually or in person!

My mom and both of her sisters were involved in Greek Life while in college here at UGA, and growing up I always got to hear about the experiences they had and how much Greek Life changed their college experience. I knew I wanted to be able to say the same things about my experience, so I signed up for recruitment! I won’t lie to you, it was a really hard week. My freshman year roommate decided not to go through recruitment, so I was living alone in my dorm getting up at 5am to do my hair and makeup, walking to the Tate Center alone, and scared out of my mind. In my Gamma Chi group, I immediately found a

support system through my leader, Gina, and some of the other girls. One girl and I became fast friends, and that started something that I had no clue was going to change my life forever. When she and I got off the bus at Delta Gamma together, we knew it was the right decision. Fast forward to now, we have found the best friends, shared at least a thousand laughs, lived together in the Deeg and now in our own little house just down the street, and could not be more thankful to DG for the opportunity to find our place. 


Joining Delta Gamma has opened so many doors for me socially, academically, and beyond. I have gotten job interviews and internships thanks to connections made through sisters and alumnae, I have joined study groups and passed tests solely thanks to the help of older sisters, and I have been supported in some of my hardest moments by my best friends. I have been exposed to organizations all over campus and within Athens that have helped me to grow in my understanding of other people, cultures, and the world that I otherwise would have never sought out. I am incredibly grateful that I chose DG, and that DG chose me. As you go through your recruitment journey, know that there is a place for you here on this campus. Whether that place is in Delta Gamma, another Greek organization, a club, campus ministry, an honor society, or anywhere you find yourself- know that you will find where you belong. I am so excited to see each of you in August, I wish you the best of luck as you find your place, and hope that you feel as welcomed and loved by Delta Gamma as I have.



Gena Hill