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A LETTER FROM OUR vp:membership

Alexa Miskel - VP Membership.heic

Hi everyone! My name is Alexa Miskel and I am so excited to be serving Delta Iota this year as the Vice President of Membership. I know the whole recruitment process can be incredibly intimidating, so I hope you feel so welcomed and celebrated in our home in Athens. We are already preparing and cannot wait to meet you all this August! 

As a freshman, I remember feeling so overwhelmed and frightened about moving away from home, finding new friends, and trying to find a place I could call home here at UGA. Luckily for me, on my first round on the first day of recruitment, I walked into Delta Gamma. I remember running inside and admiring the chandelier and foyer before meeting one of the active members of Delta Gamma that would change my life. As we talked, I felt my anxiety ​

and fears slip away and it felt like I was talking to an old friend I had not seen in a while. Everytime I came back to Delta Gamma afterwards, I was always reminded of that and felt like I could be accepted for all my strengths as well as my flaws and quirks. As recruitment came to an end, I remember going to bed praying that I would see Delta Gamma on my bid card.


Even on the lawn on Bid Day, I remember wanting to be involved with recruitment in any way possible during my time at Delta Gamma because I wanted every PNM in the future to see the amazing things I saw in Delta Gamma during my recruitment. From a recruiter to the Director of Primary Recruitment to the Vice President of Membership, I am so honored and blessed to have the faith and trust of my chapter to continue to lead our recruitment process. From the shy, introverted freshman who did not know how she would be able to make new friends to the confident leader who now considers herself an extrovert who can talk to anyone, I am so grateful to all the love and support this chapter has poured into me to help me grow as a person and as a Delta Gamma. 

As you start your own journey on our campus, I hope you all know you will find your place here and there is a community just waiting to meet you! As you take the next steps on your journey at UGA, know that there is a place for you on this campus. While I found my best friends and support system in Delta Gamma, I hope you find yours whether that place is in Delta Gamma, another Greek organization, a club, a ministry, or wherever you might find yourself.

I could not be more excited to meet everyone come August, and I wish you the best of luck as you navigate finding your home at UGA. Regardless of where this path might lead you, I hope you feel as loved and accepted by Delta Gamma as I have.

With love,

Alexa Miskel

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