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Hi ladies,

My name is Stokes and I am the Vice President of Member Education in charge of the New Member Pursuit! We are thrilled that y’all are going through Panhellenic Recruitment this fall and will be visiting us at Delta Gamma! Jenni, our Director of New Members, and I have a wonderful semester planned full of fun sisterhood activities. The first nine weeks, known as the New Member Pursuit, focus on learning all of the ins and outs of Delta Gamma, as well as building friendships and memories with your sisters that will last a lifetime. There will be weekly meetings at which new members will be able to attend to socialize and learn about our history, foundation, sisterhood as well as each other. Each week, new members will receive new Anchor Mates, older sisters of DG, who will reach out to the new ladies throughout the week to be a friendly face and a welcoming sister, from car rides to the house to meeting up for dinner after a long day of classes. These older members will be responsible for introducing them to even more of our sisters and 

fostering the ideals of Delta Gamma. This is a terrific way to get to know everyone, even potential bigs! We are currently planning a new member retreat, Big/Little reveal, and many other adventures and games to get to know everything DG and our sisters at 290 South Milledge. Delta Gamma has a wonderful history of helping others, doing good, and exploring the world. We are very proud to be a part of our terrific sisterhood and I’m looking forward to sharing it with you as you go through recruitment. 

I am so excited that this fall is coming up so soon and I hope all of y’all are too – it’s the beginning of a great journey! I look forward to meeting each of you during your visit to Delta Gamma and we hope all of you have a fun summer! 

See you in August! 

- Stokes Dunavan

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