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"I could honestly write a novel on why I love DG. But to summarize, I love DG because nowhere else have I found more dedicated, strong, inspiring, confident, creative and authentic women who never cease to amaze me. These girls are my rock and my shoulders to lean on, the people who make me laugh the most and the women who push me to be everything that they know I can be. This sisterhood is something I am so, so, so grateful for and if you're looking for the best sisters in the world, you've definitely come to the right place."

Lexi Medina

Class of 2020

"I love DG because of everything it stands for and the women that are a part of it, constantly making it better day by day. I know I have made some of my very best friends here and learned so much more than any class could ever teach me. I never imagined myself as a member of a sorority but now I can’t imagine myself without it."

Katie Hart

Class of 2019

"Transferring to a big school like UGA was so intimidating, but everyone in Delta Iota made me feel so welcome from the first day I stepped into the Deeg. They took me in as their sisters and made sure my transition into school was as easy as possible. These women are some of the most intelligent, kind, supportive and funny people I know. This chapter is my motivation and my favorite thing about each and every day at UGA and I am so thankful to be here."

Lizzy Newman

Class of 2020


"Delta Gamma has provided me with the community and sisters I always wished for yet never had.  They challenge me to be unapologetically myself and to pursue the ambitions I traditionally would consider myself unqualified for.  I've experienced a love like no other and I've met empowering, phenomenal women that I hope to keep in my life forever.  I cannot imagine what my first year at UGA would be like had I not wandered my way into Delta Gamma."

Caro Woodard

Class of 2021

"When I was going through rush I looked at other girls in other houses and thought "Wow I want to be them,” but at Delta Gamma I thought to myself "Wow, I already am them." The girls are genuinely the best versions of themselves, and I hold myself to a higher standard because I look up to and respect every sister that I have. I can't see myself being anywhere else!"

Grace Wilbanks

Class of 2021

"Going to school 800 miles away from home where I knew absolutely nobody was definitely intimidating and I was worried about finding my place. DG gave me that home away from home that I was looking for! A place where I knew I could go to be unconditionally loved and appreciated. I have met my best friends and made some of my favorite memories here at DG, and I now can't imagine my life without it."

Dani Fay

Class of 2020

During recruitment, DG was my #1, and I knew in my heart that I didn't belong anywhere else. Each girl I met was so down to earth and welcoming. From running on the lawn on bid day until now, I haven't met one sister that I haven't clicked with. Whether I'm having an amazing day or a really sucky day, there's always someone to talk to or a memory to be made with my sisters.

Christen Flowers

Class of 2021

"A year ago, I never imagined myself in a sorority. In fact, people from my hometown still look at me in disbelief when I tell them I’m Greek. The first couple months after bid day, I had a really hard time adjusting and being so far from my family (and missing the great state of Texas). One day, a girl who I only knew for being as loud and opinionated as I was asked me to go study in east campus with her and her friend group. From that day, Mak and Liz took me in and really took care of me. Through all my cry fits and boy drama, they, along with the entirety of this sorority, have been my constant support and random hugs just because. Delta Gamma is full of women who constantly build each other up and work to make each other strong. It’s a group of women who I’ve learned I wouldn’t trade for the world, who I’m CONSTANTLY grateful for, who make me see light on some of the darkest days."

Kayleigh McCormick

Class of 2021


"DG has allowed me to create a network of friends who are always there for me, whether it be going to fun workout classes together, late night food runs, or just having friends to turn to in a crisis. This group of girls is so authentic and can turn any bad day into a great one. No other organization at UGA has given me the full welcoming and support like Delta Gamma has."

Lexi Stevens

Class of 2020

"As basic and sorority girl-esq as this may sound the reason I love Delta Gamma is because of my big. When I transferred to UGA I wanted to try something new and meet new people, little did I know that I'd join a sorority and meet one of my most favorite people and my best friend, Lila.  Lila is the older sister I never had but always wanted, my confidant, role model, froomie, and pizza-loving other half, I couldn't be more thankful for DG bringing such a bright light into my life and helping me find my home at UGA."

Maggie McGinty

Class of 2019

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